Fretless Classical Guitars
by: Ashdin
Custom Fretless Conversions
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"I received the guitar a few hours ago and wow! I will have to pay special attention to the other guitars so that they don't get too jealous of this new, exotic member of the household!"

"The conversion looks great! You did a very professional job and it's perfect. The neck is very smooth to play and the frets are easy to see, and don't look odd at all. I'm betting that only guitarists would notice something different about it when hearing it played. Everything looks like it was converted with skill. I'm so glad I found you and didn't try this myself!"

"I received the guitar and WOW...I haven't quite digested the whole new limitless possibilities yet, but I'm happy to report that my ear for pitch is getting better :) Can't wait to plug it in :) THANK YOU!"




Q: Does removing the frets deaden the sound?
A: Only a little bit of volume and sustain is lost, but it actually still sounds great!  Listen to the
     audio/video samples on this page to hear it in action.

Q: Won't I be lost without frets?!? How will I know where to put my fingers?!!!
A:  1)  The fret lines are still slightly visible to the player, so you can still VISUALLY tell where the
            correct notes are.
      2)   You'll be surprised how quickly you'll get used to LISTENING for the right pitch.

Q: Will the strings mess up the fingerboard?
No. The strings I use on these guitars are Flatwound Nylon strings, so the strings will NOT bite into the wood (flatwound means the strings are smooth and have no ridges that can bite into the fingerboard).

Q: Won't the strings be too high above the fingerboard if you remove the frets?
I lower the action (height of the strings) by adjusting the nut and the saddle to compensate for the removal of the frets.

Q: Will I be able to play chords?
They can be a challenge, but with some practice you can get them down. Two and three note chords can be played fairly accurately. Four or more note chords are quite difficult to make sound good.

Q: Can I send you my own guitar to be made Fretless?
YES! Ship me your guitar, I'll perform the conversion, then send it back to you! Shoot me an email inquiry at I can also order a new guitar online and have it shipped to me, perform the conversion, and then have it shipped to you. Many websites for new guitars will have free shipping (saves you Money!).

Q:  How long will it take to receive my guitar?
The lead time may vary. If I have the guitar already completed and in stock, then I can ship immediately. If I have to order a new guitar and perform the conversion, it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Email me to find out the current status for a particular guitar.